Personal Data Protection Law

The Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 entered our lives both to protect the rights of data owners and to make it more regular for institutions to use this data. Well, what brings this law to institutions? What needs to be taken into account when collecting, using and storing personal data? What are the consequences of data breach incidents? In this training, the legislation on Personal Data Protection Act meets you with all the details.

Second Hand Car Sales Consultant Level 4 Vocational Qualification Examination Training

The Regulation on the Trading of Second Hand Motorized Vehicles, and the companies that engage in motor vehicle trade, imposes the requirement of proficiency in marketing and sales. For the Vocational Qualification Certificate, it is necessary to participate in the exams administered by the institutions authorized by the Vocational Qualifications Authority and to be successful from these exams. It is much easier to succeed with the training we have prepared for this test, both of which are prepared in the practical and theoretical areas.

General Information about Fake Cheque and Cheque Law

While the concept of cheque, which is one of the important financial actors of business life, is taken as a basis, unrecognized and counterfeit check detection and prevention methods are handled in education. Purpose of education; is to be able to know this financial instrument which may present a great risk for the business and to inform our employees about the measures.