What we do

As Rhapsody 360, we are responding to the different e-learning and software needs of institutions and individuals with our solutions we have continuously developed in the e-learning sector.

Rhapsody 360 is the solution partner that delivers digital content that you can use in mixed training programs that meet the professional, professional and personal development needs of your organization.

Rhapsody 360 develops educational content tailored to the institution, as well as those found in the catalogue.

All training is made compatible with the platforms you use to ensure that your employees are present.

With the solutions offered by Rhapsody 360, it improves employee and corporate performance directly and positively affects business output.

Our main goal is to export services and products abroad while maintaining production and services for the needs of individuals and institutions in the field of education/software in our country.

Rhapsody 360, in conjunction with customers in Austria and Balkan Countries Turkey continues to work to locate the e-learning solution.