About Us

Rhapsody 360 is a Vienna based e-learning company that delivers enterprise grade solutions all across Europe. Rhapsody 360 provides wide range of services including content development, e-learning systems implementation and full range of e-learning consultancy.

Rhapsody 360 provides a wide range of value added high-quality e-learning content to its clients, from educational institutions to large enterprises.

We continuously increase our market share in the e-learning sector with the increase in numerous projects we have implemented and the number of institutions and companies we have contacted.

Starting with the finance and insurance sector, our services are rapidly expanding with the increasing need for e-learning, with projects primarily undertaken for other sectors and then for universities, primary and secondary schools.

By diversifying our product portfolio, we increase the number of sectors and institutions that we will contribute.

As Rhapsody 360 team, we are aware that training and development projects are long-term projects that require rigorous work. Therefore, we take all the details into consideration and realize our production with utmost care and sensitivity.

By bringing together all elements necessary for institutional education and development in this direction; We will continue to develop our work with the right person, right time, right content approach.