Designing Educational Videos

We provide private, informative, educational, screened videos for both your employees and your clients. Screenwriting, professional shootings, provision of required cast members and post-production operations of the videos and photos you want to use are provided by our institution.

We recommend that you use training videos if you want to show them in more detail in your in-house training, and to communicate your employees’ messages to the time and place you want, even if they are accessible even from smartphones, with short and fluid subject narratives.

We make your in-house training videos or videos you want to prepare for your customers to be measurable and directable by the audience.

Interactive Training Videos

By making the training site participate in the video, we can remove the video from being a passive monitoring tool, making it possible for the audience to interact. We offer a turn-key service from scenario to player selection, video production and publishing.

Interactive video allows you to direct events that occur in the video you are watching. Depending on your preferences, the video moves in a different way. You can make a measurement by giving certain scores to these selections, and in a recruitment video, you can have tips about your staff candidate’s preferences and his personality. You can also share your sales processes with your employees in the most accurate way with the right / wrong choices.

We encourage you to use interactive video if you want to get information from your employees’ selections, and how they affect their decision processes directly with them.

Educational Animation Films

In your in-house training and in your company’s marketing activities, we prepare customized animated content for your organization to give more fun to your existing topics and products and to give your messages more attention.

All the script writings, storyboards and voice actors you want to use are provided by our institution.

We recommend you to use educational animations if you want to tell topics more fun in your in-house training, and to give your messages in interactive applications.

We are trying to support you with colourful and engaging contents to convey the topics to the students in parallel with the educational curriculum for all lessons at the elementary level, content and animations supporting the teacher.

Educational Game Development

In your in-house training, we prepare content for your institution with special game-based content to make matters more memorable and to communicate your messages with fun events. All of the processes related to the editing of the desired game, the preparation of the technical sub-structure and publishing on the desired platform are provided by our institution.

What kind of games are we doing?
Adaptation of popular concepts to games.
Conversion of popular competitions into exams.
Arrangements from series, films and contest programs.
When your employees become reluctant to receive e-learning from the crowd, the most effective way to entertain and inform them with experiential learning is e-learning. In this case, we recommend you to use both entertaining and teaching games.

Smart Board Solutions

It is one of the most appropriate solutions for the new generation learning habits and it is to provide an interactive environment in your classroom education and to teach the lesson in a more permanent and practical way. Starting from pre-school education, you can create special content for your students in all education groups and contribute to the development of the students. In addition to basic courses like Turkish, mathematics, geometry, life science and foreign language education, you can add value to your students and their students through practices that improve perception and skill levels such as matching, finding differences in the more basic level. It is specially provided for you to organize your desired game, adapt it to the smart board and prefer to be monitored and playable on every platform.

Company Presentation Films

We are making films about your company, your work and your solutions with your customers, giving us beneficial and sympathetic animations.